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Prision Art

The ArtWork of ...

Mouse Lopez artwork its amazing ... Im starting a new project inspired by his "Prison Art" ... Mouse illustrations inspired not only tattoo artists in America but around the world ... his drawings in gray, its fine art serve as reference to many of the artists we do Chicano art.


Prison Art ...

many artists who produced these illustrations are based on personal experiences to develop his pieces ... In the art of Mouse Lopez can see his passion for detail and his soft shadows ... what I like about his art are the compositions ... it is fascinating as links an element with another ... as it expresses suffering or feel on paper ... his muses; Mexican women are, Aztecs, Cholas, explosive Latino, catrinas ... also usually drawn skulls, skeletons, haunted dudes ... and todo..su obsession ... by the time ...



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to continue their work, you can get the book selling from prison ... Contact on your Instagram @mouselopez


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you can contact in juansancheztattoo@hotmail.com and continue our work in Instagram and Facebook  @juansancheztattoo

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