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Elaborate tattoos ...

with this technique are very few who can see especially here in Spain is difficult to find ... "Single Needle Technique" or "one needle" has a very interesting story ... It all started ... in prisons in the United States, especially in California (where they are usually seen tattoo studios per square meter ..) they wanted to get tattooed prisoners when they had no choice but to contrive to have the tattoo done better within their means .. ..you no means ... and how did? getting guitar strings and sharpened so they got a real tool for tattooing fine, very fine, the finest there ... tattoos with a single needle for many are the most difficult tattoo ... influenced by many factors especially the type of skin you have ... there are very few who mastered this technique ... most of these artists are in California, Los Angeles ... and very few in Europe ...


 Single Needle art ... "It is a technique that I personally really like tattoo and I am lucky that I ask this type of work" ... is usually very difficult but very satisfying when you see the final result ...

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